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Life at Aldercar Infant & Nursery School
Life at Aldercar Infant & Nursery School Life at Aldercar Infant & Nursery School Life at Aldercar Infant & Nursery School Life at Aldercar Infant & Nursery School Life at Aldercar Infant & Nursery School Life at Aldercar Infant & Nursery School
Life at Aldercar Infant & Nursery School

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Where the Children Are the Stars

Staff Handbook

Welcome to Aldercar Infant and Nursery School and welcome to our staff team!  We are happy that you are joining us, and want to ensure that you are given the right support, advice and information to help you in your role. 

The staff handbook sets out guidance and information to assist with this; please expand each section below to read further details.  

Staff should also refer to the following pages:
Safeguarding for Staff
Staff Code of Conduct, Guidance, and Policies 
GDPR for Staff

If there is anything at all you are unsure about please shout up and speak to a member of staff - there is always someone who can help you!

Accidents / incidents (staff)

All accidents should be reported to the headteacher or school office as soon as possible. If you need First Aid please speak to any staff member, and they will get further help for you as necessary.  In some instances, accidents may need to be reported to Derbyshire County Council; if this is necessary office staff will complete an online reporting form, with your input.

If you experience abuse from anyone, including a child, other staff member, or visitor, please report the incident to the headteacher as soon as possible.  If you witness any abuse or incidents that concern you, please refer to the Whistleblowing policy available here, and speak to the Headteacher in the first instance.

Business Interest Declaration

In order for the school and Trust to meet its statutory duties and compliance, staff are asked to complete an annual Business Interest Declaration, available here.  This information will be shared with Embark Trust, to be recorded in their Declaration Register.

Class Details

We have nine classes across school, as follows.  Children will start Reception classes in the September before their 5th birthday, and will move to Junior School at the end of Year 2; all children need to apply for a reception place and junior place, further information will be sent to parents/carers at relevant times.

Nursery 2 year olds Super Saplings 1 AM
Super Saplings 1 PM
Nursery 3-4 year olds Super Saplings 2 AM
Super Saplings 2 PM
Reception Fantastic Fir
Reception / Year 1 Wonderful Willow
Year 1 Amazing Ash
Year 1 / Year 2 Marvellous Maple
Year 2 Brilliant Beech

Class Registers

The attendance register must be called at the beginning of the morning and afternoon sessions, and should be recorded on the RM Integris attendance page.  Staff will be given log-in details for the RM Integris system when you join (please see the office staff if you don't have log-in details or are having trouble accessing the system). 

The register should be called by 8.55am and 1.05pm for Infants, and 8.55am and 12.40pm for Nursery. Children should be marked / if present; if absent, please leave this blank for office staff to fill.  If office staff have been given a reason for absence, the Notes icon next to the child's name will be highlighted - please take the time to click on this and read any notes shown.  

Children arriving after 8.55am should be marked L; if arriving after 9.30am they should be marked U. If children arrive late, please inform the school office so a school dinner can be ordered.

Code of Conduct (staff)

The Staff Code of Conduct sets out the principles and guidelines that all staff are expected to adhere to.  A specific page dedicated to the Staff Code of Conduct and accompanying policies and guidelines is available here, and all staff should be aware of and understand the contents.

Dress Code (staff)

We believe that the way you dress reflects the importance you place on school, and ask that staff dress accordingly.  We have a no denim policy, and ask that all dress is appropriate for a school environment.  As the school days will include outside working, clothing and footwear should also be appropriate for outdoor weather; all staff will be provided with a fleece jacket (please see the office staff if you don't have one). 

Emergency contact information (staff)

All staff are asked to complete an emergency contact form, available here.  This information also includes information required for the DfE School Workforce Census, and will be stored on your personnel record within the RM Integris site following GDPR.  Contact information will only be used in the event of an emergency.

First Aid, Illness, and Medicines (pupils)

Illness and First Aid
If children are unwell during the day, please let the school office staff know so they can contact the child's parents/carers.  If children are sick/unwell in the classroom, the class staff should clean up any mess (or ask for help if not possible) and keep the child in a quieter area until parents/carers arrive.  Spare clothes are available in the cupboard outside the headteacher office, and further cleaning materials can be access from the caretaker room (see the office staff for access).

If First Aid is required, staff are expected to administer minimal first aid (clean up wound, apply plaster); each class has a small First Aid kit, or if necessary send for a Paediatric First Aider (see office for further details).

Any treatment/accident must be entered in the accident book in each class and, if necessary, an official accident report form filled out (see the office staff for further information).  Serious accidents must be reported to Mel Lawson or Michelle Siddons straight away. 

 Always send for help – never leave the class unattended

Medicines are not administered in school, unless by prior agreement and approval by the headteacher.  In this instance, a 'Medicine Administration Permission' form should be completed by parents/carers, and staff should complete a 'Medicine Administered' form.

If a child has an inhaler, parents/carers should complete the 'Medicine Administration Permission' form as above.  The named inhaler will then be kept in each classroom in a secure area. A MDS will supervise the use of inhalers at lunchtime.  Lozenges, etc are not allowed in school.

Health and Safety

To ensure the safety of its staff, pupils, and visitors, the school follows specific Health and Safety guidelines and procedures.  Our Health and Safety policy is available here, and staff should be aware of its contents.  

Fire Safety information and Fire Evacuation guidance is clearly displayed in each classroom and working area within school.  Staff should familiarise themselves with the guidance and follow as necessary.  

Electrical equipment
Electrical equipment is tested for safety each year; staff should not use any equipment on site that has not been approved as part of a recent Portable Appliance Test (PAT). If you see any faulty equipment, please do not use it, and report any faults to Mrs Voce immediately.

ESafety and mobile phones
The Acceptable Use of the Internet and Electronic Communication policy sets out the rules and procedures that staff need to adhere to, and is available here.

Staff are allowed to have mobile phones on site, but these should be kept in classroom cupboards, on silent, during the school day.  They may be used for signing in/out, and for accessing school emails, but should not be used for any other purpose within school.  If you are expecting an urgent phone call, please give the school number 01773 713428; office staff will answer and bring the phone to you.  

Each staff member will be given log-in details to access PCs and other software systems; these are specific to you and should be kept securely, not shared with other people,

Risk Assessments
Risk assessments will be carried out for relevant activities; all relevant staff will be asked to read and sign acceptance of necessary risk assessments throughout the course of the school year.  A specific area dedicated to health and safety is under creation and will be shared with all staff in due course. 

The school is a No Smoking Area, and smoking will not be permitted anywhere on the grounds.

If you have any concerns about working practices, or your working environment, please speak to the headteacher or Mrs Voce as soon as possible.


The school takes its GDPR duties very seriously.  During the course of their work, staff will have access to confidential information and should be mindful of their obligations and legal requirements around this.  Specific information to support staff in fulfilling this duty is available on the GDPR for Staff page.  Further information is also available here

Lateral flow testing

All staff are asked to carry out Lateral Flow Testing for Covid19 twice weekly (Wednesday and Sunday); this is not compulsory but staff are encouraged to do so.  Further information on Lateral Flow Testing procedure is available on a specific webpage here.

Staff members who have Covid19 symptoms, or who have a positive Lateral Flow Test result should not attend school; please inform Mel Lawson or Michelle Siddons, and arrange a PCR test as soon as possible

If children are showing any Covid19 symptoms, the office staff will contact parents/carers and ask that the child is taken for PCR testing.  Staff should inform the office of any child showing symptoms as soon as possible. 

Playtime / Dinnertime 

Infant classes have playtime at 10.15am - 10.30am.  Playtimes are manned by staff according to the arrangements in each class (see the class teacher for further details).  The main playground is used for playtimes, and the class teacher will decide if it is appropriate to play outside (according to weather conditions, hazards etc).  If it is not fit for outdoor play, the hall or classroom will be used for playtimes.  

Dinner time is between 12pm - 1pm and Infant classes will eat lunch at either first or second sitting.  Each Infant class has a Mid-Day Supervisor who will come into class shortly before 11.50am to assist with toileting and hand-washing.  When all children are ready, the MDS will take the children to the hall (for lunch) or outdoors (for play), according to their sitting.

If children can't play outside due to weather conditions etc. the playtime will be in class, under supervision of the MDS.  Classroom staff should return to class by 1pm to begin the afternoon session.

As throughout the day, the school Behaviour Policy and Rules should be followed.


Each staff member has specific contracted hours (see Headteacher or Mrs Voce for further details on your specific hours).  Overtime will only be paid by prior agreement, where you are asked to work additional hours by the Headteacher. 

If you have worked overtime, you will need to complete an Additional Hours Claim form at the end of month and hand it in to the office. All approved additional hours are then paid one month in arrears (eg. September additional hours paid 25th Oct).  Staff will be reminded each month, however it is the responsibility of each staff member to claim for any additional hours worked.

Unless otherwise specified, any additional time is paid at your standard hourly rate.


The school takes its Safeguarding duties very seriously, and all adults within school have a duty to ensure it's children are kept as safe as possible.  A specific webpage dedicated to Safeguarding is available here, and all staff should access this regularly and have a clear understanding of their safeguarding responsibilities.  All staff will also undergo annual safeguarding training.

School Times

The school day starts with registration shortly after 8.50am, followed by phonics learning and maths/english learning for KS1 / learning through play for EYFS.  Infant classes have a morning break at 10.15am - 10.30am, followed by snack time (milk/water and fresh fruit). Dinner time is 12pm-1pm.  

The afternoon register is taken at 1.05pm, followed by topic work / PE.  Classes get ready to leave just before 3.15pm, and are taken up to their respective leaving points by classroom staff.  Children will then be collected from the leaving point by their parent/carer/nominated adult.

Infant times: 8.50am - 3.15pm
Morning nursery: 8.45am - 11.45am
Afternoon nursery: 12.30pm - 3.30pm

The school gates will open for families at 8.40am, but they will not be admitted into school until the start time above.

Unless your contract states otherwise, staff are expected to be in school and ready to work by the above start times.

Sickness and other absence (staff)

If you are unable to attend work due to illness / accident, please ring Mel Lawson on 07714 264090 or Michelle Siddons on 07807 387651 by 7am or as soon as possible.  On your return you will be asked to complete a self-certification form.  If absent for more than 7 calendar days, you will need to obtain a ‘fit note’ from your doctor.

Time off in school time is not permitted.  In exceptional circumstances, time off may be granted by prior approval from Mel Lawson or Michelle Siddons.  Staff should complete a 'Special Leave Request' form and hand in to the school office for any absence requests.

Signing in

All staff should sign in/out each day, and if leaving site during the day.  The Sign-In app is used for this; staff can download the app onto a mobile, or can sign in using the Ipad in the main entrance (we encourage all staff to download the app).  You will be sent an introductory email when you join (please see the office staff if you don't receive this).

Staff meetings

Staff meetings are held on Wednesdays at 3.30pm.  Teaching staff meet each week, and whole school meetings, including support staff are held each month.  It isn't compulsory for support staff to attend meetings, however we strongly recommend that you attend as many as possible; it is a useful platform to share ideas and keep up to date with current information and guidance.

Welfare and housekeeping (staff)

The school staffroom is available for staff to use at breaktimes and dinner times.  The staffroom contains a small kitchen with kettles, microwaves, and a dishwasher; staff can make themselves a drink during breaktimes, and squash, tea, coffee, milk and sugar are provided.  Staff can bring their own lunch, or a school dinner can be provided (cost £2.90 per day); please order a dinner with the school office by 10am if required.  Staff are expected to clear away their own pots etc after breaktimes.

We have two adult restrooms; the staff toilet and visitor/disabled toilet, with handwashing facilities and cloakroom.

Working Procedures

There are various work systems in place specific to your role, including marking schemes, pupil tracking systems, behaviour reporting, and reporting safeguarding concerns.  The class teacher or headteacher will provide further details of the systems you will use in your role.