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Life at Aldercar Infant & Nursery School
Life at Aldercar Infant & Nursery School Life at Aldercar Infant & Nursery School Life at Aldercar Infant & Nursery School Life at Aldercar Infant & Nursery School Life at Aldercar Infant & Nursery School Life at Aldercar Infant & Nursery School
Life at Aldercar Infant & Nursery School

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Sports Funding

David Cameron has pledged £150m a year in primary school sport funding guaranteed until 2020 if the Conservatives are re-elected, to secure the Olympic and Paralympic legacy.

PE and Sport Premium

The dedicated primary PE and Sport Premium, which was announced in March 2013 and began the following September, goes directly to primary school head teachers so that they can decide how best to use it to provide sporting activities for pupils. 

Primary schools around England are already using the premium to:

  • up-skill teachers to improve the quality of sport lessons
  • invest in quality coaching
  • provide more opportunities for pupils to take part in inter-school competitions
  • offer more after-school clubs
  • purchase better equipment
  • introduce new and unusual sports like fencing, climbing, ultimate frisbee and Danish long-ball to encourage more children to enjoy sport
  • improve sport teaching for children with special educational needs
  • boost Change4Life clubs, helping children build a healthier lifestyle 

So what does this mean for Aldercar Infant school? 

Last year we invested in a sports coach that came in once a week (Wednesday) and worked with all classes within school. Coach - James Smith worked alongside staff and children since September 2013 and has had a huge impact on the teaching and learning of PE. Staff work alongside James to develop their knowledge about certain areas of PE such as gymnastics, games, cricket and tennis. Staff are much more confident in their delivery of PE, which has raised the teaching and learning in staff and pupils, and they now deliver the PE program themselves, following the Coach's guidance.

The children are now accessing a wider variety of sports and competitions in and out of school.   

After school clubs have also been set up using the funding in which all children can access and develop their skills. We are hoping that offering a range of familiar and different sports, such as fencing and cricket, will increase the amount of children that participate in sporting after school clubs. 

Children throughout the school have also attended inter-schools competitions and coaching during the school year, building up their self-esteem and physical skills. When children were surveyed about their PE learning, competing against others was rated high by children in Reception through to Year 2. 

This funding has also bought in local athlete, Jor'dan McIntosh who is aspiring to compete in the skeleton at 2016/2018 Olympic Games. She came in to talk to the children about how PE helped her develop her skills and enthusiasm for sport, and let children try on her skeleton suit and sit on the skeleton. This helps children realise that PE can lead onto Olympic games and competing for your town/county and give children someone to aspire to.

The Scooterbility programme has also been delivered in school, in which children bought in their scooter, learnt about the maintenance and safety, and how to travel safely using it. All children throughout the school enjoyed their experience and became more aware of the safety needed when using their scooters.

The funding is also going to be used to enhance the physical provision around school for all children to access, through forest schools and playground facilities.

For further details of the Sports Premium action plan for 2017 - 2018, please click on the link below:

Sports Premium Action Plan 2017-18
Sports Premium Action Plan 2016-17