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Remote Learning

We recognise that there may be times during our children’s learning when it is necessary for them to stay at home. This could be if your child needs to shield, self-isolate or, as in recent years, as a result of partial, local or whole country lockdown.

During the 2020 Summer lockdown, we tried to ensure that our children could still keep learning, even though a lot of them were not in school. The uptake, feedback and work produced by your children was amazing. For this reason, our plan for remote learning – learning which takes place for your children outside the school boundaries – follows in the same vein.

We continue to use the online platform Class Dojo App (www.classdojo.com) to communicate with families at home. To further improve this platform, we would like you to make good use of the portfolio section, where you can post activities, etc completed by your child and yourself.

To engage all of our children, as in the school classroom, we will offer a mixture of learning methods – webpages, paper/worksheets, practical, interactive.

Here are some tips to help you and your children with home learning.  You can also access our Remote Learning Policy here.

remote learning tips for children.pdf

remote learning tips for parents.pdf