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Aldercar Infant & Nursery School

AldercarInfant & Nursery School

Where the children are the stars


“The school’s emphasis on ‘respect’ informs all it does and this, together with the excellent role models staff provide, encourages pupils to think very carefully about how others feel and about their own actions. Consequently their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is outstanding.”  Ofsted May 2013





What is R time?

This is a programme to enable children to create and develop positive, respectful relationships with other children and adults. They learn the skills of sharing, taking turns and fairness. They work co-operatively together and everyone’s contribution is valued and valuable.

R time focusses on social, emotional and behaviour skills, which influence every aspect of personal, school, home and community life. Children become confident, effective and enthusiastic learners.

Children across all age groups learn to:-

  • Make and maintain friendships
  • Resolve conflict
  • Solve problems
  • Share feelings
  • Be resilient and persistent
  • Work and play co-operatively
  • Compete fairly
  • Stand up for their rights and the rights of others
  • Value and respect the right of others to have beliefs and values different from their own

Each session lasts about 15 minutes and follows the same structure.

  1. Random pairing.
  2. Introduction/greeting
  3. Explanation
  4. Main activity
  5. Plenary
  6. Conclusion

Children are encouraged to use each other’s names throughout the session and to celebrate strengths.

 “Pupils say they feel very safe and parents agree. Bullying or other incidents rarely happen because the school promotes a ‘respect curriculum’ that openly discusses and celebrates everyone’s uniqueness and difference. This encourages pupils to think very carefully about how they behave to others and about others’ beliefs and ways of living.” Ofsted May 2013