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Life at Aldercar Infant & Nursery School
Life at Aldercar Infant & Nursery School Life at Aldercar Infant & Nursery School Life at Aldercar Infant & Nursery School
Life at Aldercar Infant & Nursery School

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Governor Meeting News

At the end of every Governing Body meeting, we look back at the items we have covered during the meeting and ask ourselves the following question:

"What have we achieved tonight that will improve outcomes for our children?"

Through continued self-monitoring and review, we can ensure that the Governing Body operates purposefully, contributing to effective governance and the success of the school. Below are some of the key points from recent Governor meetings.

Meeting 28th September 2021:

  • Agreed Link Governor roles, enhancing monitoring accountability and strengthening Governor development
  • Reviewed and agreed Governing Body responsibilities and leadership structure, promoting effective governance.
  • Agreed SIP and SES plans, confirming future direction for school and teaching intentions.

Meeting 12th July 2021:

  • Approved staff recruitment, strengthening existing structure and promoting consistency throughout school.  
  • Reviewed safety measures and procedures across school, ensuring safe working practices continue to be in place.

Meeting 24th May 2021:

  • Agreed staffing structure and recruitment plans, ensuring continuity of high quality education provision.
  • Agreed DBS check plans, extending and enhancing safeguarding measures. 
  • Reviewed and agreed home-time arrangements, increasing efficiency and improving safety of families on site.

Meeting 15th March 2021:

  • Agreed admission arrangements, securing next cohort of children into school. 
  • Accepted policies, ensuring safe, positive, working practises across school. 
  • Raised awareness of CPD opportunities, increasing Governor knowledge and effectiveness.

Meeting 8th February 2021:

  • Agreed security proposals, improving safety across whole school site.
  • Reviewed Covid situation and subsequent school response, with focused remote / class learning programme in place to support all.

Meeting 16th November 2020:

  • Approved leadership plans, ensuring continuation of leadership and direction.
  • Welcomed new Governor to Governing Body, strengthening team and bringing fresh strengths and skills.
  • Approved policies, ensuring good working practices in place, and statutory requirements met.   

Meeting 28th September 2020:

  • Allocated Link Governors, utilising individual skills and knowledge, allowing for consistent monitoring across school and curriculum areas. 
  • Agreed Chair and Vice Chair roles, ensuring clear direction for Governing Body, and promoting Governor CPD. 
  • Approved SIP proposals, allowing for measurable improvements across school, and improving learning outcomes for children.

Full details of the work of the Governing Body is captured in approved minutes, available to view on request.