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Governor Meeting News

Our Governors meet regularly throughout the year to review the school actions, and to support, monitor and challenge the Headteacher, to ensure that the school achieves its aim of giving every child the best possible education in a fulfilling environment.

At the end of every Governing Body meeting, we look back at the items we have covered during the meeting and ask ourselves the following question:

"What have we achieved tonight that will improve outcomes for our children?"

Through continued self-monitoring and review, we can ensure that the Governing Body operates purposefully, contributing to effective governance and the success of the school. Below are some of the key points from recent Governor meetings.

Meeting 25th September 2023:

  • Welcomed new Governors to team, enhancing and strengthening existing membership and skill set 
  • Agreed Link Governor roles based on skills and knowledge, enabling effective monitoring and accountability across key areas 
  • Approved School Improvement Plan priorities, setting clear objectives and direction to improve outcomes for children.   

Meeting 3rd July 2023:

  • Agreed staffing plans for next academic year, ensuring continuity, consistency, and high quality teaching and support for children. 
  • Analysed building proposals and identified improvement priorities, ensuring building and grounds are utilised effectively and safely.
  • Agreed school vision plans, ensuring clarity and direction for school and future cohorts.

Meeting 13th March 2023:

  • Reviewed safeguarding measures, ensuring safety of children remains effective and paramount 
  • Agreed building improvement plans, enabling a safe and secure working environment for all.
  • Reviewed Governance guiding principles, promoting effective governance and compliance.

Meeting 3rd October 2022:

  • Welcomed new Governors to the Governing Board, strengthening the existing team and bringing fresh skills and knowledge
  • Allocated link Governor and Chair/Vice Chair roles, promoting accountability in school actions and plans  
  • Training programme rolled out to staff and Governors, ensuring skills and understanding remains relevant and meets required legislation.

Meeting 11th July 2022:

  • Agreed staffing structure for next academic year, securing skills and experience and promoting best possible outcomes for children.
  • Reviewed and strengthened understanding of data outcomes, identifying targets for future monitoring visits.
  • Heard Pupil Voice first hand, gaining further insight into pupil experiences and opinions.

Meeting 25th April 2022:

  • Reviewed focus of Link Governor roles, enhancing monitoring accountability and strengthening Governor development
  • Agreed staffing and Senior Leadership Team structure, promoting staff development and securing skills and experience for the future.

Full details of the work of the Governing Body is captured in approved minutes, available to view on request.